Mondragó natural park

   The Mondragó natural park, is located in the east of the island of Majorca, in the municipality of Santanyí, having an extension of 785 Ha and a maximum height of 57m. The main formations are cliffs, marshland near the coast, wood groves, pine woods and traditional dry crops. This park is considered a Natural Area of Special interest by the Balearic Parliament , Natural Park by the Balearic Government and Area of special protection for birds by the EEC.

   The physical environment is made up mainly of Calcareous rocks aligned horizontally. On this layer we can find quaternary formations in certain locations which because of its iron oxide content have a distinctive colour.

   The Mondragó Park is in a very interesting area of Majorca. It has a semiarid climate with an average year round temperature of 16.9º C and an average rainfall of 450mm.

   The Mondragó Park boasts a great variety of both flora and vegetation where the Mediterranean pine, shrubs, etc stand out. This vegetation, unique to the island in general marks its characteristic, which is perfectly adapted to the climatic conditions. This Majorcan enclave is characteristic for being rich in bushes and thickets in general.

   When it comes to the marshland in the area S’Amarador and are noteworthy, the sand dunes, the cliffs, the agricultural land and scrub-land that surround the area. The whole natural area, both the beaches with fine white sand and crystal clear waters and the spectacular cliffs and inland areas present an extraordinary all year round interest, having become one of the main tourist attractions in the Santanyí municipality.

   When it comes to fauna, at first glance we will see a fauna group represented mainly by more than 70 species of catalogued birds, mainly marshland migratory birds. We can also see fishing eagles which probably come from the Cabrera Natural Terrestrial Maritime Park . In the Estret del Temps all kinds of mammals, invertebrates, among others can be found that will be of special interest to animal lovers. This and are two abandoned quarries where in times past sandstone was extracted, typical of all the Majorcan buildings, today they are elements with a landscape value which are ideal for geological study.

   Access is by the road from Palma to Santanyi, with different entrances, usually well sign posted from the very centre of Santanyi, from the Cala Figuera road and from S’Alqueria Blanca.

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