Night Life in Palma.

"La Llotja"(Old fish market) (Old Town):

An area full of narrow city streets crisscrossed by narrow winding lanes among old imposing buildings and with a completely Mediterranean feel, close to the most important monuments in the city of Palma such as the Cathedral, the fish market etc....

We can find music bars and pubs that have a certain bohemian charm. Bars with a limited capacity but with extremely beautiful atmospheres, characterised by their own themes characterise a maze of winding lanes where the bars of the old town nightlife can be found side by side one almost on top of the other.

It is also an extremely good idea to start your evening here because of whats on offer gastronomically speaking.

Passeig Martim (Maritime promenade):

Plenty of bars fill the nights of Palma in the area around the maritime promenade, each bar with its own personality and features so that we become captivated by its magnetism.

It is, perhaps, the most sophisticated and elegant drinking area, after a good meal in the "Lonja" we can take a stroll along the promenade, we can find exclusive, elegant and luxurious bars and discotheques which offer live bands, above all jazz, swing and blues. Most of the bars in this area close their doors in the early hours of the morning.

Others prefer the latest technological music, more modern or electronic music, and it is here that they can be found among the many different varieties on offer.

Zona Drsena Ca'n Barbar:

This area is also on the maritime promenade, the refuge for the younger members of partygoers, in the high part of the promenade. The suggestive terraces of C'an Barbara are chosen by most night owls. It is a busy area but by no means less friendly, full of music bars and terraces at the weekend which are later turned into dance clubs.

Plaa Gomila (Gomila square):

This is where the native and most authentic island atmosphere takes over. At the end of the maritime promenade, we can find the busiest bars, the most alternative and different bars of the city, bars with elegant terraces with beautiful sea views, the pubs are full of the most alternative live music.

Passeig del Molinar (Molinar promenade):

This promenade can be found in a quiet residential area in Palma. Here people from all walks of life can be found mixing together, making up a very cosmopolitan crowd with great taste. High quality music creates its personality, unique to this backdrop to the maritime promenade with its elegant bars and elegant terraces which are, in turn, supported by exhibitions by different artists from the island that stand out in any cultural ambience.

This is what has made this area a reference point for the island, its main charms are the sunsets and the neo-hippy, avant-garde parties.

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