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Majorcan Sobrassada Protected geographic indication

    Sobrassada is one of the most important and most characteristic gastronomic products in Majorcan cuisine. However, when it comes to its origin, it is only known that it originated in the medireview Christian age in the western Mediterranean. This exquisite tasty sausage is involved in most of the cultural and traditional gastronomy, its name seems to have come from the Italian word ‘soppressa’ which means ‘pressed’.

   Starting in the XVII century, Sobrassada changed from just being a mere meat preserve and became the height of food exquisiteness, at the end of the XVIII century, the use of paprika was introduced, something which is used very frequently in our cuisine and which gives this Majorcan delicacy its characteristic and distinctive red colouring.

   Over time, other elements were introduced to improve both the flavour and the texture of this sausage. The sausage is produced by hand in private homes which each year look after and feed the pigs and then carry out the slaughter at the end of November or the beginning of December. After this day the sausages are left to age, to be eaten at a later date which allows for an all year round consumption .

   The primitive instruments used to chop the meat, simple double handled knives, have been replaced by machines. From the very beginning of Sobrassada, its evolution and development has undergone relatively little change, but has grown in both fame and recognition.

   The specific denomination, ‘Sobrassada de Mallorca’ appeared in 1993 and the Sobrassada regulation council was established in 1994. It came out onto the industrial market in 1995 and in the EEC in 1996.

   The denomination protects two different types or varieties of Sobrassada, marked by a label awarded by the Majorcan Sobrassada regulation council: The ‘Majorcan Sobrassada’ manufactured with selected pork meat and ‘Black pig Sobrassada’ made with native pigs.

   This sausage is presented in three different ways: ‘llonganissa’, ‘rissada’, ‘semi-rissada’ or ‘cular’. The ingredients that they are made from are the same, although the shape does differ. Their ingredients are select pork meats and bacon, salt, paprika and spices. This product does not allow for artificial preservatives nor colourings which assure a natural craftmanlike production of this characteristic and typical sausage from the Majorcan gastronomy.

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