Blue bathing, the best beaches in the Balearic Islands.

The Balearic Island beaches stand out for their amazingly beautiful beaches, white sand and transparent waters, but it is, above all, the coves, which make the maritime beauty of this Mediterranean location so famous. It is here that we recommend that you tour around the most noteworthy corners of the four sister islands, all linked because of the common quality of being small beautiful jewels, and because they have a marine culture and a salty taste. Each island possesses its own character, appearance, and its own spirit.

There are many coves and beaches but we will mention the ten most important here, not only because of their importance but because of their beauty, the waters, their surroundings and because none of them is less important than the others, they are all just wonderful.

In Formentera, we must not pas up the chance of visiting ‘ses illetes’ and the ‘Llevant’ beach: The first has earnt the name of ‘Tahiti’, because of its marvellous water colouring. The range of colours goes from turquoise to the most startling white. It is an immense natural oasis of pines and junipers and white, fine sand. Secondly the ‘Llevant’ beach differs because of the thick vegetation along the 1440 metres; pine trees, white sand dunes, and blue sea. The Formentera waters are clean and refreshing……

The Formentera waters are clean and refreshing. On the same day Ses Illetes or S'Alga as far as Es Caló can be visited, from Cala Saona to the Migjorn or Tramuntana beaches which are very recommendable......advantages of being on a small island.

On Ibiza, the Mastella cove and the d’Hort cove stand out: The first of these suggestions is a small hidden cove, surrounded by Mediterranean nature, with crystal clear waters. Mastella Cove is situated 11 Km from Santa Eulalia del Riu. It is a cove which is protected from the wind and is therefore very calm. The visitor can find enough commodities to be able to enjoy the sun and the possibility of surface diving in safe waters, all surrounded by the splendid panorama offered by the cove. The service on offer allows you to taste all of the typical and traditional island fish delicacies.

D’Hort cove is open and faces Es Vedar and Es Vendranell; the cove has fine sand and the sea is dream-like and possesses the typical beauty of this part of the Balearic Islands. It can be reached from Sant Josep and Es Cubells; this place should be visited if only because of the exceptional views of the beach. It is ideal for people who are looking for basic services in a quiet place, people who are looking for a place to relax, to take a swim without taking risks and wide stretches of sand to be able to sunbathe.

The most emblematic beaches of the largest of the Balearic Islands, in Mallorca are: Es Trenc, Sa Calobra and Cala Torta: To speak about Es Trenc, any kind of comment is a waste of time; the beach can be found on the southern part of the island. It is surrounded by fine sand and crystal clear waters. It also conserves the natural landscape which surrounds it, such as the salt marshes and the vegetation of the area and the marine birds, the autochthonous flora which all provide a back drop for one of the finest beaches on the island. The image of the convenience of Majorca is situated on the edge of the sea, in the profile of its beaches and its coves, a real myth, with 3.5 Km of beaches without a single wall or building. This is where Majorca finishes best. With scrubland, wet areas and where the sea begins, Es Trenc is a clean fine sandy beach, which looks onto the Cabrera archipelago.

On the other hand Sa Calobra, is the mouth of the ‘Torrent de Pareis’, one of the most beautiful parts of the island of Majorca. The water in Sa Calobra is characterised by its intense blue. It is situated in the middle of the Tramutana mountain range and it is made up of only 80m of sand, pebbles and rocks. It is a place for sportsmen who can get there by going down the ravine from the Lluc Monastery or by boat from Soller port.

Lastly, Cala Torta, travelling from Artà to Capdepera, at the height of the turnoff at Km 13 is the small cove that stands at a depth of 140m. It is surrounded by a thick Mediterranean pine forest. It has an average width of 220m. Its sand is white and fine. Cala Torta is one of the many small, lost coves of the Balearic coastal region. Other beaches which could also appear here are the Es Dolç beach and the Es Carbó beach which is in the Colonia de Sant Jordi or Cala Figuera in Formentor, among many others.

To finish off this small tour around the thousands of coves and beaches we must travel to Menorca, among its beaches we must mention Cala Mitjana, Macarella and Macarelleta and Cala en Turqueta: Cala Mitjana’s coastline has the colours of a tropical sea and white sandy beach with a fine grain of sand. The cars must be left and the ‘Camí de Cavalls’ (horse path) must be taken. Cala Mitjana can be found surrounded by high rocky walls, but the cove is beautiful in itself. Passing through a thick pine forest on a 20-minute walk, we arrive at this Mediterranean jewel. Its grade of urbanisation is null, it is totally virgin.

If there is a famous cove, not only for the number of visitors to Minorca, but because of its beauty, it must be es Macarella and Macarelleta. This marine beauty is divided into two small coves that form the shape of a whale’s fin when observed from the air. It has light coloured sand on both sides and pine trees border the beach reaching almost into the sea, something, which is quite normal on this island.

Lastly, is Cala en Turgueta. It is one of the best-kept coves. We can enjoy the sea, the sun, the surroundings and we can also practise scuba diving. The cove is in the middle of a dense pine forest and its waters are transparent and as with all the coves, its sand is extremely fine.

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