The heritage of Joan Miró.

   If a tourist who comes to the island is not only a sun lover but also an art lover, he should know that one of the geniuses of the painting world once resided on the island. He painted all his pictures here on the island. He was a small man, thin and elegant. A small man who housed the mind of one of the most important geniuses in the art world. We are, of course speaking about Joan Miró. The inventor of abstract art holds one of the first places in the art world ranking, he also had important friends, Ernest Hemmingway, Henri Matisse, etc......

   The painter arrived on the island in the mid fifties. It was not his first visit to the island as he used to spend his summers in the municipality of Soller on his grandparents’ estate. His mother was from Majorca and his father from Catalonia. Joan Miró decided to come back to Majorca to escape the horror of the Nazi’s who had taken over France where he had gone into exile because of the Spanish civil war, although it was not political reasons which brought him back to the island but the desire to follow his paint palette and the people of the island. Joan Miró called the architect José Luis Sert, great exponent of the modernist movement, who was very close to the Mediterranean culture. In 1956, the new workshop that he had built was finished. He lived and worked there till his death in 1983. He thought out his ideas, developed his expression, and his life became linked to thousands of anecdotes. He was always surrounded by important figures from the art world that he brought to his favourite place: Majorca.

   Joan Miró decided to donate to the city of Palma de Mallorca, his workshop and everything which it contained as a sign of his thanks for the treatment received. This is how the Pilar and Joan Miró foundation came into existence. However, because there was so much material donated by the artist that with the blessing of his family it was decided to house it in a specially built building with the aim of showing off his work. The building work was given to none other than Rafel Moneo, the great neofunctionalist architect who used all his creativity to build the magnificent building which today houses the headquarters of the foundation.

   The entrance to the foundation is a tour of his work, the culture of art, the abstract expression of a genius who spent his life on the island. He left his work, the anecdotes of his infancy, he left his adulthood, and he left the most precious part of his person, his work that can be visited at the headquarters of the Pilar and Joan Miró foundation in Palma.

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