The Balearic Island countryside.

   The delicious island fruit slowly ripens in the Balearic Island sunshine. Produce which is, justifiably, among the finest products found in Mediterranean cuisine. The favourable climate helps the produce grow in the Balearic countryside, helped along by warm temperatures and a good climate. The variety of soils makes the Balearic produce variable and yields a wide range of products.

   Nevertheless, firstly industrialisation and then the free market came together and managed to entice the villagers who used to dedicate their lives to agriculture, away from the land and into the world of tourism. This does not mean that very high quality agricultural production has ceased to exist.

   The main raw materials are dry woodland areas (almond trees, olive trees and carob trees) and fruit, followed by cereal and vegetable crops which are above all to be found in the "Pla de Mallorca" (centre of the island).

   In the Tramutana mountain range, most important are the olive groves, the citrus fruit orchards in the Soller valley, the potato and vegetable crops in Sa Pobla and the cereal crops in the "Pla de Mallorca". Something which stands out is the unit of land measurements, a unique measurement which uses "quaterades" y "quartons" giving the estates a unique character. Among the many trees, the olive tree, the carob tree and the almond tree are the most important. Vines are also characteristic in Binissalem and Consell. Orchards are very productive in Felanitx and Vilafranca or Porreras where the fruit crops are of very high quality.

   On Mallorca the fruits which the land produces vary throughout the year. In autumn, when the land is at rest, a large variety of fruits allows the hiker to taste products such as cherries, red dates, medlars, myrtles, blackberries, quinces, walnuts, persimmons, etc...

   Agriculture is also present on the island of Minorca, but cattle farming and the milk industry are renowned for their quality.

   The modern day globalisation of the economy has happened all over the world and has not passed the Balearic islands without leaving its mark, causing the island to become a competitive society, emerging into the world of tourism, with high flying businessmen. But it has not forgotten, as much as it could have due to the pressure placed on it by tourism, its roots in agriculture and cattle farming, having created the brand "Producte balear" which backs its products and gives strength to the professionals behind it, contributing to and enriching the economy of these islands.

   Where to find native products in the islands:

   Directory of establishments

   More information:

   "Producte Balear"

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