The Biniaraix Ravine
A treasure within the Tramuntana mountain range.

The Biniaraix ravine is one of the most beautiful places, recognised by all excursionists, that can be travelled along in the Tramutana mountain range. The ravine can be found in the area around the Soller Valley where our journey starts out, in the municipality of Fornalutx. The route that this excursion follows turns out to be extremely beautiful as it combines the splendour of this municipality's natural wealth with its stone paved pathway that goes to the ‘Possessió de l’ofre’.

The route takes approximately two hours to complete in its shortened version if we start by going from Fornalutx up to l’Ofre but can last 6 hours if we continue on till we reach the pathway that takes us to Soller. The excursion is interesting because it allows us to choose one of the two variations to get to know the ravine.

The best time of year to go on this excursion is either in Autumn or in Spring. The Biniaraix Ravine is 10 Km long and goes from 'Pla de l’Ofre', where the torrent has its source, all the way down to Soller port, where the waters flow into the 'Font des Verger'.

The water levels in the area where it leaves its mark vary according to the time of year, but its musical tone and beautiful aspect in the recommended seasons make some points on the journey places of peace indeed where calm reigns over the surroundings turning its beauty into a personal paradise.

This narrow mountain pass is located between the 'Son Torrella' mountains and 'es Cornador Gros'. Its humid atmosphere and shade make the vegetation characteristic in the area where we can find ferns, elm trees, olive groves, algae, etc..... Important species of fauna in the ravine are the nightingale, the warbler and the thrush, the singing of these birds is perfectly audible at some moments of the day while we are on the excursion.

The origin of the Biniaraix ravine is a little obscure but there was believed to be an old track between Sóller and Lluc, Orient, l’Ofre...; prior to the Roman and Muslim eras, which later became a pilgrimage route to Lluc (The monastery which houses the Lluc Virgin, Patron Saint of Majorca).

One of the most special spots in the ravine is ‘Estret’, with peaks so high and so close together that it only allows enough space for the torrent, the real cause of this landscape phenomenon, a track and a channel. On the other hand, there are almost two thousand stone steps which go from the 'possessió de l’Ofre’ all the way to Biniaraix, a real example of architectural ornamentation, typical to Majorca, where stone plays a major role with its many uses whether it be in bridges, walls or dry stone walls.

The ‘Puig de l’Ofre’ is a round rock topped by a metal cross, where a magnificent view of the Tramutana Mountain range as well as the Cuber reservoir in the distance can be enjoyed.

The ravine is of medium difficulty as long as the shortened version which goes up to the 'Possessió de l'Ofre' and later goes down again along the Ravine track is chosen. But if we have an adventurous spirit we can always carry on to Soller walking from the 'Possessió' all the way to Soller, that way the excursion may take as long as five hours. But we should always stick to the route starting out in the village of Biniaraix, at the old stone washing sinks (rentadors), the olive loading bay at the 'Ca’s Don’ olive mill and the ‘font de’n Det’ (Det fountain) which are the main points of recognition on our arrival at Biniaraix.

Biniaraix was an old Muslim farmstead, which was later awarded to Count Hugo IV de Ampurias when the Island was divided up after the Catalonian conquest of the Balearic Islands in 1229. The church dates back to 1602 and its bell tower has a square base with pyramidal top. In the area around Biniaraix, as in all the Soller Valley, we can find houses dating back to the 18th century with painted roofs which had a magical meaning in olden times in rural Majorca

Biniaraix is without doubt one of the most emblematic and representative villages in the Tramutana mountain range together with Deià, Soller, Banyalbufar and Fornalutx, which on the route to the Ravine make up one of the most interesting and beautiful itineraries in the Majorcan mountain range.

More information: Official Web on the protection of the Ravine. Information on the landscape, flora, fauna, typical houses...

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