Excursion through the 'Call' or ‘Jewish district’ of Palma.

    This interesting excursion through the ‘Call’ (Jewish district), will take you through its streets, surrounding you in the history, era and atmosphere of the old Jewish district in Palma de Majorca

    The ‘Call' or Jewish district was one of the most important in the mediaeval Mediterranean. This part of the city is where great personalities from the world of culture and wisdom lived, for instance, Rabbi Simó ben Tsemah Duran, or also the prestigious Talmudist Ionah Desmaestre, the well known doctor Iudah Mosconi, there were also famous astronomers such as Isaac Nifoci, Vidal Efraim and the compass and navigation chart illuminators who are widely known for their work in the field of cartography, Cresques Abraham and his son Iafudah Cresques, famous all over the world as great map makers.

   On this excursion we can see the history and culture of these men and women, their beliefs, their rituals, festivities, everyday anecdotes which barbarism wiped off the map on the night of 2nd August 1391.

    The Jewish inhabitants were called ‘Xueta’, a derivative of ‘jueto’ which became ‘xuetó or xueta’. The name 'xueta' was given to people with certain surnames. A list of these last names is: Abraham, Aguiló, Bonnín, Cortés, Forteza, Fuster, Martí, Miró, Picó, Pinya, Pomar, Segura, Tarongí, Valentí, Valleriola, Valls, among others.

    Right up to the 19th century, 'xuetes' and their descendants were legally discriminated and even in the 20th century it was very strange for a non-xueta Majorcan to marry descendants of Jews.

   More information: Telephone.: 636 430 000
   Meeting point: Plaça Reina (Gardens), at 10:30h.
   Price: 6 Euros
   Languages of the tours: Catalonian - Spanish - English - German
   How to get there: Buses Line 1 / L-6 / L-15 / L-21 / L-22
   Duration of the excursion: 2 h.
Scheduled Routes per month Ayuntamiento de Palma.

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