"Hotel Formentor": mythical (Formentor - Mallorca)

   If there is an emblematic hotel in Majorca, it must be Hotel Formentor, always characterised for its sophistication, its elegance and the people who choose to take a rest in this place are characterised for being great nature lovers and for being from the worlds of culture, cinema, art, etc....

   The hotel is located in one of the most beautiful areas in Majorca (Formentor) and it is not only the nature spot itself, the hotel was conceived in perfect harmony with its natural surroundings. A stroll through its romantic gardens, a swim in its pool or in the sea, the use of its installations are the way to get to know this perfect harmony between the hotel and its surroundings.

   Since its creation the hotel has respected the beautiful Mediterranean landscape which surrounds it, where Formentor reaches its highpoint. The hotel does not do without modern technology to assure the guests' comfort and to cover their needs in every aspect. That is the reason it keeps up to date to cover modern day needs while giving to and respecting its surroundings. Formentor is one of the most beautiful areas on the Majorcan 'Costa Nord' and also one of the most photographed.

   The first documents on this property which exist date back to 1231, just two years after Jaume I's conquest of Majorca. Since then, the property has passed through many hands. But in 1646, and for almost three centuries afterwards, Formentor belonged to the Costa family where one of its members, the great island poet, Miquel Costa i Llobera wrote one of the most beautiful poems in Catalonian literature ‘Lo Pi de Formentor’. All the Pollensan legends magnify the landscape as does the poem by Costa i Llobera. This mixture of reality and poetry about this municipality is really what makes it into a refuge for Goddesses, what made it into a prisoner of invading pirates and helped it to end up being a beauty spot for Queens such as Grace Kelly who spent her honeymoon in Formentor.

   But in 1928, Formentor was sold to Adam Diehl, who just a year after starting the construction work opened the Hotel with a grand opening party. We are talking about 1929, difficult times for upper class tourists. Affected by multiple crises above all by the consequences of the Wall Street stock market crash, the financial institution ‘Crédito Balear’ became the new owner of the property and Adam Diehl abandoned Majorca, but he left something behind on the island, an unquestionable emblematic hotel, Hotel Formentor, which even today is still a symbol of category. Adam Diehl got to know Pollença Port in the first wave of artists and intellectuals who arrived in Pollença from all over the world. He was so fascinated by this part of the island that he opened a hotel with just 70 guests. Famous people such as Tito Citaddini, the Count of Keyserling, Princes of Wales, Winston Churchill, Charles Chaplin, Rainaldo Luza, Douglas Fairbanks, etc... have all stayed here.

   Moreover the Formentor peninsula has lots of excursions which can be done on foot to offer or something which is a little more relaxing such as an evening stroll along Pollença Port's Anglada promenade which will conjure up a thousand and one stories in your mind. Nevertheless, the excursions around Formentor are apt for all kinds of people, expert mountaineers, and everyone else, whatever their state of fitness. Among the many excursions, one is going by boat from the marina visiting Formentor, Cala Sant Vicenç etc, all in the northern corner of the Tramutana mountain range.

   This hotel has always been more than just a hotel. It's an institution which has always been linked to great names giving them a piece of Majorca since its creation. This is why Pollença has been known for its culture and is still today looked on in the same light. Large events are held here such as the 1995 European summit meeting and the Formentor Forum organised by Repsol YPF which was attended by heads of state from all over the world as well as important politicians from the Mediterranean area increasing the list which included Kings, heads of state, politicians, writers, musicians, artists: the whole political and cultural history of the twentieth century. The whole world has enjoyed this privileged corner of Majorca.

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