Charming beauty spots in the North coast of Majorca

Dei, Llucalcari and Dei Cove make up a perfect triangle for the visitor who loves peace and quiet at its best, priceless Mediterranean beauty, clean air, blue seas and the mountains in the magical Tramutana mountain range which seem to kiss the seashore turned this enclave on the "costa nord" (northern coast) into a place of pilgrimage for Anglo-Saxon creators who came here, attracted by the influence which seduced the writer Robert Graves who is, nowadays, recognised as another "deianenc" (inhabitant of Dei) because of his contribution to this rural Mediterranean enclave.

The painter Gertude Stein, once said in an interview "Majorca, if you can put up with it, is paradise". The person sitting next to Stein, was a young promising writer, we are speaking of course about Robert Graves. Graves and his family came to the island in 1932. For Stein, Majorca was paradise but Graves found his Eden in Dei. On his arrival in Dei, the writer purchased the "Can Alluny" estate which he would never leave. It was here that he wrote his famous novel "I, Claudius". He was visited by major stars such as Ava Gardner, etc... all in all he turned Dei into a cultural centre, where in time, influenced by it all, he attracted stars of the silver screen such as Michael Douglas, musicians like Michael Oldfield, Sting, aristocrats such as Lady Di, etc... if Dei and the whole northern coast has something to offer, it is that its beauty has been proudly kept practically intact and people are eager to keep it so because it is their main source of income.

To get to Llucalcari, the visitor must go through the centre of Dei village. We recommend a stroll along its narrow winding streets, and after about three kilometres you will find a turn off on the right hand side where you can get to Llucalari on foot. From there "Cala Dei" is reachable on foot where you can have a swim in the crystal clear waters or enjoy local fish at the small restaurant "Cas Patr March", where you can get fish, caught that very day, surrounded by a simple sailing atmosphere which does not ruin the natural beauty of the cove, indeed, it increases its charm.

Llucalcari is located very near Robert Graces' house "Ca nAlluny". It is a tiny "llogaret" (Majorcan name for a very small village), of no more than 20 or 30 old houses. Llucalcari is also known as "El carrer" (the street), it is lined with fig trees, bougainvillaea, cypress and palm trees which appear near green blinds with their sea views.

From Llucalcari a painting can be seen which shows an arrow that points towards the walled lane that goes down to the sea. This is how we can get to "Es canyaret", a tiny cove right next to Dei cove, where the visitor can enjoy a small stream of fresh water which flows down from the mountains. Both this small cove and the one at Llucalcari make up a magical location, a special corner of the island among the many which can be enjoyed in the Tramutana mountain range. This enclave undoubtedly captivated Robert Graves and all the historic visitors who accompanied him, we are speaking about Ernest Hemingway, Gertude Stein, Ava Gadner, Anais Nn, Mati Klarwein, etc... Do you want to miss out?

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