Bellver Castle

King Jaume II, King of Majorca, had the castle built in 1309, to house the monarch who was suffering from tuberculosis. That is why it was initially a royal residence. It became a military prison in the 18th century and in the 19th century it was temporarily turned into a mint.

It took 9 years to build and the master builder was master Pere Salv accompanied by other building masters of the time such as Francesc Caballer, Pon Descoll, Pere Tallada, Arnau Llompart and the sculptor Antoni Campredon.

There are many famous people who have maintained a direct link with Bellver Castle. King Jaume III, King of Majorca lived there, He was a major sponsor of the building where he later fixed his residence. After being defeated by Pere IV dArag, this last king lived at the fortress after his coronation. Among this group of royal Bellver residents we must also include Joan I and lady Violant dArag, whose taste in scenic art led them to change the castle into the scene for parties, dances and poetry sessions.

This architectural work is unique in the world. It is a rare example of civil gothic style due to its circular floor, which is guarded by four towers in the shape of the wind rose. The patio was built over a dungeon with a central well. Around the patio different rooms can be found, many of which house the Museu de la Ciutat (City museum), an interesting exhibition about the history of Palma, from prehistory up to the middle ages.

Bellver Castle is a unique castle because of its circular structure, being the only one of its kind in Spain with its three integrated towers and a homage tower measuring 33.37 m. Divided into 4 floors connected by a spiral staircase. The tower is about 7 metres from the castle itself and is connected by a beautiful bridge, a later construction. Underneath the castle we can find the famous military prison S'Olla.

The castle is made up of four towers which coincide with the wind rose and is surrounded by a protecting moat. The castle is completed by other buildings such as the one which houses the chapel dedicated to Saint Marcos, the so called 'Sala Jovellanos', the throne room, the kitchen and the dungeons..... all surrounded by two moats. Cross the drawbridge, the only entrance to the castle where Isabel II and Alfonso XIII stayed on their trips to the Balearic Islands.

Bellver Castle, buried in a forest on top of a hill, has guarded from its privileged vantage point the best view over the city; it is only three kilometres away from the historical centre of the city on a 140m hill set in beautiful natural surroundings. From here, it dominates the bay and the city and is a symbol or flag of Palma due to its location from which a beautiful view over the city can be enjoyed and multiple classical music concerts which are generally held in the open air in spring and summer, can also be attended.


Located in calle Camilo Jos Cela s/n, three kilometres from the city centre, EMT bus lines 3, 4, 20, 21, 22 and the Tourist City Sightseeing Bus all go up to the castle with stops in calle Joan Mir, Gomila.

From April to September on working days: from 8.00h to 21. 00h. Sundays and public holidays in April, May, June and September: from 10.00h to 19.00h. (On Sundays and public holidays the rooms and museums are closed.)

The general entrance fee is 1.75 Euros; with the exception of the over 65's, pensioners, teenagers from 14 to 18, 'Joven' card holders or groups organised by public institutions who pay 0.90 Euros. For school groups, the entrance fee is free.

INFORMATION: By telephone: 971 73 06 57

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Pedro Ramn - Panoramio
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