Sa Granja d'Esporles.

   'La Granja' (The Farm), is located 15 Km from Palma de Majorca (in the municipality of Esporles). ‘Sa granja d’Esporles’ is a beautiful example of 10th century ‘possessions’ or mansions, surrounded by thick vegetation, beautiful gardens and natural fountains which turn this place into a grand mansion which evokes memories of the splendour of the era. It is a large magnificent house with an extraordinary ethnographical museum which houses farming tools and objects related to all kinds of ancient handicrafts as well as a noteworthy collection of furniture and domestic utensils. The visitor is given a tasting of 'buñuelos', wine and examples of popular Majorcan cuisine.

   ‘Sa Granja' is an agricultural property which offers us a peek at 19th century self sufficient rural life. This place was highly prized by the Romans because of its large volume of water. 'La Granja' still maintains a magnificent 30 foot high naturally pressured fountain testimony to its force and power.

   Not only were the Romans fascinated by this spot and its architecture but so were the Arabs, who remained on the island from the 10th to the 13th centuries. After the Arabs and following the Christian conquest in 1229 a new era began for 'La Granja' with a short period under feudal rule until 1239 when it was ceded to Cistercian monks who ran it for the next 200 hundred years. It later passed into the hands of Mr Mateu Vida and was occupied by his family for the following two hundred years until it passed into the hands of the Fortunys family. The current owner is Mr Cristòfol Seguí Colom.

   ‘Sa Granja’, is therefore the result of different eras and vicissitudes. It is a mixture of noble and rustic styles because in addition to having been used as a residence it was, at the same time, used as a ‘possessió’ (agricultural mansion) dedicated to agricultural production which employed more than a hundred workers in its heyday.

   This fact gives it that unexplainable charm that all old well kept buildings have. It has its very own dignified style and at the same time it enables it to have the most decisive elements of the cultural heritage of the island of Majorca. Nowadays, tours around the inside of the building and around the gardens are organised. The grounds exemplify what Majorcan rural life has meant for history. The visitor has an opportunity to enjoy a living exhibition of ancient handicraft activities where lathe operators, cabinet makers and embroiders show off their work. Twice a week there is a horse training show, dancing and traditional Majorcan music.

   Today 'La Granja' is an authentic live show of Majorcan customs through the years. Its visitors can contemplate agricultural elements and buildings as well as country tools and machinery, the pottery mill, a 18th century calash, copper pots, etc.

   In the garden we can find Lovers' Cave, the Querubín fountain, the Summer Pergola among many other beautiful spots and a very large, pretty Mediterranean garden. Once inside the mansion we can see the Florentino room decked out with Louis 15th furniture, the Throne room, the Games room, the Arabic tower which was used as a chapel by the old monks, the Nobel Majorcan kitchen decorated with Mozarab tiles and typical ceramics and its wood burning stove...

   'La Granja' also offers a permanent exhibition of culinary customs and typical dishes from the Majorcan land such as fig bread, 'buñuelos' and varied cheeses as well as high quality local wines.

   Equally during their stay, visitors can relax on the terrace of the bar-restaurant, or contemplate the traditional Majorcan dances on the patio. Spending a day at 'La Granja de Esporles' will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience........See you there!

   La Granja Esporles highway/ ESPORLES (Majorca) Tele. 971 61 00 32 Fax: 971 61 93 05 Apartado de Correos nº 68

   Monday to Sunday.

   From April to October, from 10.00h to 19.00h.

   From November to March, from 10.00h to 18.00h.

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