C'AN JOAN DE S'AIGO: ice-cream and chocolate parlour. Since 1700.

There are two shops currently open, because of their fame, they are the oldest ice cream parlours in Palma. The passing years have not stopped them from making great ice-creams such as the traditional ice-cream made from Majorcan almonds which is one of their most popular ones. The decoration and ambience of the cafeteria is from the beginning of last century, its cakes and sweets (headed by 'ensaimadas' and 'quartos') and its hot chocolate have all managed to give it a mythical name. It must be visited by anyone who calls on this city and who wants to enjoy a real 'ensaimada'!

It is a 'horchata' (drink made from tiger nuts) and chocolate parlour founded in the year 1700. It is distinguished for being one of the oldest establishments in the city of Palma as well as for the high quality of its own hand-made products: ice cream, hot chocolate, cakes such as 'ensaimadas', 'cuartos', gateaux, etc.

Can Joan de saigo currently has two establishments: The Main establishment, is located in Palma old town, (c/Sans), where the old decoration and a mosaic dating back to the beginning of the 20th century which features the name of the establishment and the date of its founding, can be admired. Later we have the branch establishment, in the more modern part of the city, close to Jaime III (c/bar Santa Maria del Sepulcre).

The birth of C'AN JOAN DE S'AIGO dates back to the year 1700. At that time the business did not devote itself to producing ice-cream or typical hand made products as it does nowadays but the founder Mr. Joan de S'aigo, used to go up into the Majorcan mountains and store snow in the 'snow houses' or 'cases de neu', as they are known here, which he later moved down to the city to be sold as ice.

The first type of ice-cream made in C'AN JOAN DE SAIGO was almond ice-cream. Years later, the production of hot chocolate with 'ensaimadas' started, which turned this family business into one of the oldest chocolate parlours in Spain.

The extremely long life of this business (300 years) has made it possible for C'AN JOAN DE S'AIGO to become part of Majorca's history, customs and traditions. People traditionally go to C'AN JOAN DE S'AIGO after the most important religious celebrations of the year as well as to hold family celebrations.

So, if you are going to be spending a few days on the island of Majorca to visit the city of Palma, do not hesitate to drop in and get your strength back after your walk around the old city to taste a good ice-cream or a hot chocolate accompanied by typical cakes, you'll love it!

Main establishment: C/Sans,10 971.71.07.59

Branch establishment: c/Bar Santa Maria del Sepulcre,5 971.72.57.70

Ines Desgrippes

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