Hidden beaches between Cap de Ferrutx and Cap de Formentor (Majorca)

   Let’s start our tour of the northeastern part of the island. Starting in the pretty village of ArtÓ, we will set off towards Alc˙dia. On the right hand side of the road we will come across a petrol station where a lane leading to Cala Mitjana and Cala Torta starts. It is well worth taking the short time it takes to go along the stony earth lane full to reach these two beaches which share a beautiful system of dunes which are undergoing a process of degradation. Furthermore, if you feel like a walk, you can get to Es Matzoc from Cala Torta in about 25 minutes, where you can enjoy the posidonian meadows thanks to the crystal clear waters.

   Continuing west along the same road to ArtÓ which we turned off before, we come across another turning towards the Betlem housing estate. You can leave your car there and take a 45-minute walk to Es Calˇ. Do not be alarmed by the 45-minute walk as the beauty of the scenery makes getting to Es Calˇ, an ancient rocky quay perfect for snorkeling, worthwhile.

   Between Betlem and Can Picafort is Sa Canova, one of the few beaches which are still protected from uncontrolled building, something which has preserved it in its virgin state till today. An important ecosystem of pine trees, savine and dunes.

   We are getting closer to Alc˙dia beach. Once we have passed Can Picafort, we find a beach that belongs to the municipality of Muro, called ses Casetes des Capellans, with its shallow waters and many metres of sand till we get to the water, ideal for long walks and water sports.

   Continuing west, between Alc˙dia bay and Pollenša bay, Cap des Pinar is located. This ‘Cap’ hides one of the most virgin coves in Majorca which can be reached in the following way. Leaving Alc˙dia, going towards the Mal –Pas housing estate, we come to a roundabout which has a turning for the Fundaciˇ, we will head in that direction and leave our cars on the open area near the woods. We will continue on foot up to the forest shelter where we will begin our descent to the shore. Later we have to bear left and the cove will appear among the pine trees. We must warn you that the last part of the descent is a little hard going due to the fact that a storm left the woods in quite bad shape.

   We will continue our tour of hidden beaches having a stroll around Pollenša Port, where we can find hotels built in the first third of the 20th Century by the bourgeoisie of the time, which gives the port an almost bohemian appearance. While we are taking our stroll we can contemplate how the extremely calm waters reach up to the very roots of the pine trees.

   We are going to continue along the Pollenša Bay northwards in the direction of Cap de Formentor. Along the way we can stop at Pi de la Posada cove, thick with pine trees which almost hide the nearby mythical Hotel Formentor.

   Before we reach the ‘Cap’, from the road we can see Cala Figuera. To get there we have to continue another 4 kilometres further along form Hotel Formentor, and we will leave our cars on the left. Then we will start descent of about 200m on foot which will take us to the cove.

   We now only have to visit one more cove, Cala Murta, which we can get to from the same point as Cala Figuera, only this time we will take the southern route down from the ‘Cap’. It will take about 10 minutes to get down to the cove where large groups of nudists tend to get together. Cala Murta is a deep water beach, where we can find pebbles at the beginning and as we walk into the water there is more and more sand.

   When we arrive at Cap de Formentor, where one of those isolated end-of-the-world lighthouses is located at the point, we can enjoy a totally dramatic, spectacular, well-lit landscape, with some very impetuous cliffs perching over the sea, which we will be unable to not visit although there is no beach or cove, because it offers one of the most beautiful and impressive views in the whole Mediterranean.

   More tourist information in this area:
   Turismo de Alcudia. Telf.: 971 89 71 00 (

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   We also recommend:    Cas Ferrer Nou Hotelet, Alcudia.

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