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Formentera Wines

Only those in the know talk about the wines from Formentera. They are gaining prestige and fame in many places, just as the island is. However, the wines from Formentera are not a modern product, rather their existence is documented as far back as the 13th century, with the arrival of the Catalans, although the cultivation of grapevines and wine production are assumed to date back even further.

Just like all over the Mediterranean, you can often find small fields of grapevines in the agricultural areas on Formentera. They produce the grapes that are used to make wine for local consumption. Vi pags, or farmers wine, as this local wine is called, is part of the gastronomy linked to the land and one of the hallmarks of Formenteras identity.

While the climate and soil are optimal, people also have to put in their utmost efforts following the rules of grape production and winemaking of the Vi de la terra de Formentera (Formentera Regional Wine) geographic indication established by the government of the Balearic Islands. The production density is lower than 5,000 vines per hectare, the top number of shoots per hectare is 60,000 and the maximum production is 8,500 kilos.

Two small, recently created wineries on Formentera have catapulted the islands wines into a select circle for connoisseurs: Terramoll and Cap de Barbaria. These business projects have enabled the wine from Formentera to become famous around the world, bringing modernity and technology yet without jeopardising the essence of Formenteras wines and the special, atavistic care that islanders have always taken with vineyards and wine on Formentera, a harsh land of authentic flavours.

Both wineries on Formentera chose the highest points on the island, the promontories of Cap de Barbaria and La Mola, which plunge down into the sea with spectacular cliffs. In both cases, the grapes are grown on sandy, clayey soils in a climate that nurtures the fruit, with average annual temperatures higher than 18 degrees and precipitation under 450 mm.

In terms of the grape varieties grown, the ones included in the Vi de la terra de Formentera indication are the Monestrell, Fogoneu, Ull de Llebre and Cabernet Sauvignon for red wines, and the Malvasia, Premsal Blanc (moll), Chardonnay and Viognier for white wines.

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