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Nudist Beaches in Balearic Islands

Nudist Movement in Spanish is growing faster. Around Half million people practice nudism in beaches all over the country (Mainland, Balearic and Canary Islands). this practice more accepted nowadays, in familiar atmosphere and in touch with nature. Nudism is related to freedom spirit and far from a supposed exhibitionism: a nudist person removes their clothes searching a wellness personal sensation, and practice without any sexual intention. Because of these in Spain grow in adepts and spaces: The beach is the ideal place to practice it and in Summer, the season when clothes seems more than ever hamper.

The nudism on beaches is a practice associated with ecological movements, or a way of life in harmony with nature. In Spain, by law, nudist ban finished in 1989. When it was no longer considered an offence to become a right on every public space. From then nudism practice grows dramatically and nobody surprises to see bathers without clothes o roasting on the sand. But of course, in some popular beaches, this practice is not free from prying eyes. However, the conjunction of sun, beach and nudism has a good press in Spain; with a high of acceptance rate among the population even those who approved it but they dont practice.

In Majorca there are about a dozen of nudist beaches. Every of the town councils can choose the activities are developed on their beaches. Only Mago and Es Trenc beaches are considered nudists but in every beach is possible to practice it except where it is expressly prohibited.

In Menorca there no beaches nudist only, but in all the coves is possible to practice nudism even mixed with clothes. May be Cala Macarella is the cove when those whose practice nudism feel more comfortable. Another cove to highlight is Son Bou.

Ibiza is always a fun and gratification destination thanks its beauty and nature of Ibiza, a place to have always fun for those who enjoy the beaches with lively and fun in Spain, and also they have the nickname for nature beauty.

Formentera beaches are this mayor attractiveness. Beautiful beaches of white sand and blue waters for your dreams holidays... You wont be disappointed. In all the beaches is possible practice nudism and enjoy the nature and in an unspoiled location. East (levante) beaches highlights with their sand dunes escorted to the beach back and salt mountains give a discrete location for nudists.

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