Apricot, the summer fruit in Majorca

Apricot is a fleshy and juicy fruit very appreciated in Balearic Islands and is harvested from the end of May. So much so than st. Anthony of Padua that is honored on 13th June is also known as st. Anthony of Apricots because the harvesting matches with their feast. Also is very important in local gastronomy as a fruit or dried fruit in fruit jam, cakes, ice creams, ensaimadas and sauces.

The apricots of Porreres in Majorca are well appreciated also as a fruit or dried fruit named orejones. The village is located in the center of the island where excellent conditions are given to growing apricots trees or drying fruits. The dried fruits always are well-deserved in Balearics and overseas and export all over the world.

The popularity of orejones from Porreres go on thanks their use in turron making, combining with chocolate or salads. Like the company from Porreres, Can Parri making new products or opening a restaurant in the village, SEscrivania where the dishes are made from apricot.

Photos :La Cuina de Son Fe, Info Porrerres and Bojos per la cuina

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