Feasts of the Beata, Santa Margalida Majorca

"Tots els primers diumenges de setembre de cada any, surt pels carrers de Santa Margalida, la processó més típica de Mallorca, la que inclou tot el sentiment d’un poble, les seves tradicions i els seus costums, i ho mostra a tothom que vulgui sentir amb ells l’encantament de la nit plena de tradició i d’evocacions valuosíssimes. Pels seus carrers desfilen retalles de legenda profundament mallorquina, adobada amb els sabors més exquisits de la religiositat, del folklore, de la coreografia, per enaltir la santa Mallorquina, Catalina Thomás." (Mateo Cladera)

All the first Sunday of September of every year, go to Santa Margalida streets, the procession more typical of Mallorca that includes all the village feeling, traditions and customs. Show it to everybody who want feel with them, the enchantment of the night full of tradition and priceless evocations. By the streets it marches pieces of deep Majorcan legend, dressed with the most exquisite flavors of religiosity, folklore, choreography to praise the Majorcan saint, Catalina Thomás (Mateo Cladera)

The procession maybe starts in 1792, year of the Majorcan saint beatification and was consolidated over the years. The reason is unknown because Santa Catalina Thomás had any known relationship with the village. It is celebrated the first Sunday of September despite of the festivity of the saint is on 28th July, because it was the time was not so hot and the crops had been harvested, then the villagers could enjoy better the feast.

From the beginning, during the procession life scenes of the saint related to Majorca and rural life, featured also the participation of daemons that tempted to the Beata but this didn’t like the church authorities. Also the fact the procession was celebrated by night, after sunset because candles, torches and flares to light the way for the rest of the procession.

Traditionally the procession was represented by the beata, saints related to rural life, daemons to throw away the jugs of the female farmers. Later male farmers went with the girls. The jugs are used to show one of the songs dedicated to the beata during the procession. The story was the beata went with a jug filled with food to farmers but a daemon broke it and she scooped it and brings to the farmers anyway and results better than ever. Other typical song of the procession and more popular is “Sor Tomasseta on sou? /Ja vos podeu amagar / perquè el dimoni vos cerca / dins un pou vos vol tirar”. Sor Tomasseta (the beata) where are you? / You must hide / because the daemon seeks you/ into a well He will want to throw you.

From the second half of 20th century a coach was definitely incorporated a decorated coach to carry the Beata, known as Glorification that nowadays there twelve the procession coaches. In the 70’s with the tourism arrival, the procession became even more important, considered the most typical in Majorca. But it is also one of the most important of the village where the inhabitants take part and live in a very intensive way.

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Bordoy R. y Mas A. (2010). Per les venes d’un poble. Santa Margalida.
Ajuntament de Santa Margalida ISBN 978-84-606-5144-4
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