A Saturday morning in Sóller

by Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

   Out off the train, Sóller seems to be a valley, which is covered by a foggy cloud. It is a day in winter. The mountains, which are surrounding the village, are mottled by snow. But today, the sun will warm up the day and the lights will finish the day triumphantly.

   The small train is putting us down in the heart of the village, near the marketplace, which is the neuralgic living center of the village. Especially today the place is very busy because it is market day. I always thought that Sóller had something of a French village. It is fascinating me that I am passing through a provincial village. In its atmosphere, we are admiring the differences of a cultivated village, which holds on its costumes on, but which integrated itself in the modernity in the same time.

   It is market day and the shouting of the sellers and buyers is a spectacle itself. You should take place on the terrace of the Café París, drink a milky coffee and observe the coming and going, while reading a newspaper. You should see how the tram, which is going down to the port, is passing by and how people are evading each other as if it was a physical game.

   I propose that we are starting our stroll over the market, on which the stalls full of fruits and vegetables are offering a great view. You should buy oranges. But we will do this later as they are heavy. Well, back to the stalls on the market: there are straw baskets and fur coats; they are selling colored lollypops and honey made from blossom. Everything is finding a place on this bazaar on open air. And now, we are entering the “Calle de la Luna”, where are grocery stores, clothes shops, hardware shops and the art shop “Beaux-arts” where you can find the pencil which you need to draw your picture and with which you can write your comforting Haiku. In this street, there is also the museum of Can Prunera, which is worth visiting. Upstairs, you will find, in a small format, a collection of works of art of artists on Mallorca.

   There are many possibilities to finish this morning. I, from my side, will enjoy the fabulous morning sun and drink a good Gin Tonic on the terrace of the Gran Hotel, one of the 5 stars hotels on Majorca. Later, in the afternoon, after the lunch, I am going back to visit the Jardín Botánico (Botanical Garden). For all of you, who do not know it until now, it is obligatory to visit it! It is worth it! Here, you can find all plants of the Sierra Tramuntana.

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