Sóller: a walk between orange trees

by Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

In the valley of Sóller, in the North of the island Mallorca, there exists another sea. It is not as the blue, crystal-clear sea, which borders the coasts. It is a different sea, a dark green sea, a sea, which is mottled orange and yellow. Since some centuries, the fields and terraces are planted with orange and lemon trees, which are forming a multicolored garden.

Our walk is beginning on the market place, next to the modern facades of the church, to follow the street “Carrer de sa Lluna” then. This street combines us with the path “Camí de Biniaraitx”. In the beginning, in the street “calle de Ozonas”, we will see the Ca sa Creu, a further jewel of the modernity in Sóller, to our left and Ca’n Det, the tofana, the oil mill of the 16th century, to our right. It is worth visiting it and to try its ripe, green olive oil. It is a fest of the palate.

Following the path, we are crossing the torrent and seeing a majestic landscape of the mountains: steel cliffs, which are rising up to the sky. On clear days it seems as if one can reach the peak. When arriving on the first ramps of the village Biniaraitx, we will wander to the vegetable gardens. In the whole area, there is a labyrinth of small ways and paths, which have been the irrigation ditches in the past, and which allow us today to reach the sea of orange and lemon trees, which are circuiting us. Our walk is going up to the North, until we are reaching a narrow asphalted path, which is coming from Fornalutx and leading to the traffic network in Biniaraitx. Here, the stony entrance hall and the arms of nobility give us the belief in their one hundred years old origins.

In Biniaraitx, I recommend you to visit the small church. The silence of the ship’s vaults invites us to calm down and to have a short view into it. We will never have a better relation to the divine. While leaving, I recommend you to drink a delicious orange juice at the bar on the market place. The ancients are saying that here, the divines of the Olympus were descending the steep cliffs to the fertile valleys of de la Hélade to take delight in the nectar of the fruit, whose peel is wrinkled and in the color of the sun, which we are calling orange.

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