The lighthouse of Barbària, a mile stone on the coast

by Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

         The moon and the lighthouse have something in common: both need the night; the moon to look at us, the lighthouse to exist. The sailors know a lot about the lighthouses and the moon, they are entrusting them the course. The lighthouse is guiding the way, and the moon accompanies him.

         During the day, the lighthouse is a stone, a tower covered with steel; he appears painted with lines and squares. During the night, he transforms itself into light, talking in a unique rhythm, so that the sailor knows who is talking and where he is. The lighthouse is a mile stone on the coast, which is creating the travel. It is the driver of the horizon. He is greeting the day and flattering the night.

         One of the most beautiful lighthouses, which I know, is the one on the cape of Barbària, in the south of the island of Formentera. It is near the bluffs. From its altitude, one cannot only watch the sailing ships in the waves, or the fishing boat, which is sailing into the port; one can also observe the seagulls and one can dedicate with the counting of waves: one is counting the waves, one is counting the miles… How many miles are separating me from the African coast?!, one says.

         To get there it is necessary to rent a car. We recommend you to rent a car at Ritmocars, which are counting a big variety of cars from small ones, over 4x4 cars, to the most luxury cars. I recommend you to walk along the bluffs from the bay of Saona on. It is a stony way. One has to jump and to salt. It is a way of the rough nature, gnawed off by the waves and the rays of sun. It is an original of the rain of the former centuries. How many drops have been forming these stones?

   One has to leave before the dawn, to arrive in time just before the sun is going down. On days without any clouds, one can see the Levantine mountains and a magnify, extraordinary position of the sun. Say “Adios” towards the sun, because it is you, who is leaving, and not the lighthouse.

         Formentera is a magical island. It is the island under the islands. Stony planes with beaches of clean sands and bluffs. On its coasts, ladies and gentlemen, the lighthouses are reigning.

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