Santa Catalina, a market to dream

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

I love markets. Always, when visiting a city, I am going to the market to stroll around and to buy things. This market is Mediterranean pure. It is a place, where the soul of the city flows together. I still remember the market of Boquera in the avenue of Barcelona with its numerous stands of mushrooms and fish. I still remember the curbside stands of Vucciria in Palermo, where you can see a 200kg swordfish which was tearing apart into small fillets. I still remember the carefully cut artichokes of the roman Campo de Fiori The markets are a feast for our senses, and if you are a gourmet, a paradise.

One of the markets, which I like most, is the market of Santa Catalina. It is situated in the city of Palma, in the epicenter of the district, which gives the market its name. It is a small market, on a human range, which allows you not to hurry and to enjoy the moment: a good meal begins with the shopping and finishes, when you are cleaning the plates and when the dining room and the kitchen are waiting for the next banquet.

On the market of Santa Catalina, there is everything to find. Today, I will cook for six. We are a group of friends, who are meeting each other once a month to dine together. And today, it is my turn to cook. I decided for an easy, but exquisite meal. First, I will serve a fresh pasta with tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese; secondly, fish out of the oven. With that, we will drink a cold white wine. And as a dessert, I will serve wild berries with yoghurt.

When I enter the market, first, I do a circuit and examine the exhibited ware. Especially the fish, which varies a lot due to the season and the conditions of the sea. Then, here and there, I buy the necessary ingredients. The good thing is that one has a big selection and even better, a good cost-effectiveness.

Confident, I am going home with my purchase. I will cook a great meal. Before leaving the market, I meet some friends in Can Frau, a fantastic bar, all life long. We are having some beers accompanied with frit, a Mallorquina plate. Here, it is especially delicious.

And I will come back the market of Santa Catalina!

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