Hotels with a special appeal in Palma de Mallorca

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

The city is getting awake; I am fascinated that she is, like a big lizard during the sunrise, which is heated up to the revival by the sun. The bell towers of the churches are towering above the sea of roofs, which is concurring with the beauty of its blue namesake, which is so near. Palma has been a monastery city with narrow streets, courtly houses and markets. Today, hundreds of years later, this still character of the medieval city still persists, at least in the historical center.

I like going through my city to see how she is getting awake and how the sun she is bringing back to life. Today, I will pass a distance to visit three business hotels in Palma de Mallorca. They are situated very good to live in the city. They are around the Plaa de las Drassanes, the old zone of the harbor, where, in historical times, boats caulked. This is a marine zone which knows a lot about the boats and the sea and where it smells like salt.

I beginn my stroll around on the door of the crypt of the church Santa Creu. If the crypt is open, do not hesitate to visit it! I am directing to the street of Sant Lloren, to the Hotel San Lorenzo. It is an excellent hotel, which allows you to read a good roman (something of Simenon as The man of London) in its fabulous garden or to make a siesta on a lounger next to the pool. For sure, you cannot forget the breakfast on the terrace of your room.

I leave the book of Georges in the San Lorenza while thinking about that it would have liked him to stay in this hotel as well and to write one of his novels, here. I am continuing my morning walk in the nearby street of Vi to Apuntadors, where I can find the hall of the Hotel Palau sa Font. The building is an old, converted manor house. The owners have created a charming ambience, in which the guest can feel comfortable. If he likes to, here, he can read a novel of Simenon, too, for example The snow was dirty, and he could drink a red tea in the nice bar in the entrance.

Later on, I am going through the street del Forn de la Gloria and when I am reaching the street Montenegro, I will find the Puro Hotel. The Puro is pure design. Well, yeah, you are right, I have to admit, this is a simple sentence. Better, the Puro is a designer hotel with a unique atmosphere. There are small details, which create harmony; as these, which made Simenon to a great author.

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