Sailing around the Balearic Islands

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

The sailing boat develops a list. A cold wind is blowing the sails. We are sailing with the boat. Our destination is the port of Formentera. The day is clear, the sea is blue. Small waves are breaking on our hull. Sailing and living. What does the sailor in the harbor? Our destination is already awaiting us.

We left Ibiza Nueva and begin our travel through the Balearics. Fly, fly, sailing boat, so that the wind will be fresh and that the sea will be ours! We are steering towards La Mola, leaving the uninhabited island behind us to sail around Formentera. The named island is a line of earth in the horizon, while approaching it, it is changing in a giant mass. At the arrival on the steep coast, we are nearly touching the rocks while the guardian protects us from the dew of the night, the light of life in the black surrounding. When we are getting to the end, we are forcing our way in the Mitjorn Formenterena - a small bay with sand, green and emerald water. And on the coast, pine trees are kissing the sea: a paradise on earth. And our boat tears the sea with the strong wind. The day is excellently clear. The seagulls are flying over our boat and the cormorants are diving in our bow.

In the bay of the Gecko Beach Club Hotels and next to the Blue Bar, we can drop the anchor to swim and to pass the day. The ground is out of sand and the water is transparent. From our board, we can see the fishes swimming. On midday, we are taking an aperitif and a good meal: a fresh bud salad with fresh cheese. Afterwards, we are taking a siesta. I am reading Camilleri. Montalavana finishes the getting up in Maristela (well, that is normal after a small hangover) und decides for a bath in the sea while thinking about the human and the divine.

At arriving of the sundown, we are raising the anchor and taking course on the port of Formentera. The light house of Barbria is already shining. At the back, as if it was scenery of a giant theater, we can see the Levantine Mountains. We are passing the bay of Saona, which is filled with stars and we are spotting thousands of lights in the harbor. We dock in the port of Formentera, take a fast shower and dress up for the dinner. We have reserved a table in the restaurant La Sabina. I would like to eat grilled fish: one, which is prepared in a Mediterranean way, on a bed of potatoes, onions and tomatoes and with a splash of olive oil on top. I am ordering it al dente to enjoy its whole taste.

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