A vital travel through the universe of creation

by Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

   With the motive of the exposition of Ñaco Fabré in the Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca under the title “Sobre la estación vacía“ (Over the empty season), there was published a catalogue of 174 pages by the foundation of the Banco de Santander. In this catalogue, next to plenty other texts, there is also the one I am going to present you now. I wrote it on the 8th of June 2010 in my home in El Terreno and it treats about the creative strength of my brother:

   “While sailing, you are getting closer to the Greek coast; the mountains of Parnassus follow the magnificent sea. Its stony mass, covered by snow, stretches to the sky. The Parnassus is a mystical mountain. It is the mountain, over which the poets were singing. That is the mountain, which the earlier heroes admired and which the gods chose for their domicile. In its line, in the small valley, between stones and holly oaks, looking towards Delphos, there is the source Castalia, the source of the muses, the source of creativity. The sylphlike muses have been awaking the inspiration of the artists for more than thousand years; those creatures, the artists, which are living under us, are as we, but they own the gift to create. They are following their strength, as said one of them, to destroy the mall between the reality and the utopia.

   It is difficult to destroy the mall; one has to take a travel. Only some are counting to the chosen of this vital pulse of creation. The travel is long and arduous.

   The artist, the creator, has to stand to get to the Parnassus of his dreams, where is the heart of his art. It is a travel as a path, as a track with ups and downs.

   For all the years, I have been following the travel through the universe of creation of my brother Ñaco. It is not easy to talk objectively over a person, which you love and which you admire and with which you have an emotional connection, but one is for sure: I always had the same distance to the person as to his works.

   Since the beginning, since the first step… I had to say, that Ñaco was surprising me with his strength, with his conviction and his determination. There have been passing by almost three decades since his first works: I remember the fine and elegant nature, the light of his landscapes… which are standing out from the atmospheres, from the gesticulatory abstractions, the monochrome planes, the three-dimensional sculptures... During his career, he has been working with all materials and textures: the oil, always present; the iron and the aluminum; the graphite as a word carrier; the ink… and he has been using different techniques and languages: the painting as a reflection of creativity; the engraving means expression; the sculpture new dimensions… His work corresponds to the styles, which have been developed in the past century. He is looking for the appropriate, to be successful with his art. Ñaco made it to develop his own language and this enables him to investigate, to experiment and to strengthen his creativity further on. In his new paintings, I can see many of his first steps: it is the combination with the past. His work is the continuation of that, what he learnt, the known in combination with the present, with the new. Experimenting and strengthening. This is the formula to go on, to follow the travel, to create.

   In his work, there is the gesture, subjective and mean at the same time, building a cryptically and sensuous writing that is fleeting in a mysterious atmosphere; the power of the color as a medium of emotion and sentiment; the rationality of the line, the containment and the measuring, the order; and, there is also the moving silence due to the monochrome plan. All this is the combination, which is looking for the balancing and the cleanness. An unity that is looking for the beauty.

   To come to an end, I want to remember on verses of the poet, which are dedicated to the artists, as Ñaco, who are standing the travel.
   The poet says:
“You are keeping a valuable challenge between your hands
You, you are drinking the primogenital source
Climb up the Parnassus of your dreams
And give us, magnanimous, the splendor of creativity.“

   BTW: The exposition “Sobre la extensión vacía“ of Ñaco Fabré shows a selection of his works of the last twelve years and will be shown in the Casal Solleric in Palma de Mallorca until the 24th of May.

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