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Boat trip to Cabrera

by Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

   Today is a fantastic and clear day. We dropped the anchor on Formentera, in Ses Illetes off Molí de Sal. The presence of the mill, which is converted in a restaurant today (for sure recommendable), tells us about the salt production which was the main source of the island’s richness before the tourists came. We are having breakfast while floating over a mirror which enables us to see the sand on the ground. Tiny fishes are dancing in the crystal-clear water. And the toast with orange jam, which I am eating, is delicious. In short, we will put out to sea to sail to the island of Cabrera, the smallest of the Balearic Island.

   Every time while reading “La Isla del Tesoro” (The Treasure Island), I am imaging that Stevenson was inspired by Cabrera, at least the size of the real island and the one of the fictive are similar. Whatever, when sailing to Cabrera, I am remembering Jim of John Silver, his wooden leg… and the treasure. It is possible that there is laying a treasure on Cabrera…

   We are sailing, the wind is fresh. The sails are full, the boat lists, we are sailing! We are leaving Formentera, the island of beaches, lighthouses… I remember the steep coast of Barbària with its majestic lighthouse, the observer of the horizon. Today, our bow is getting to another horizon. Even if we are not seeing her, Cabrera is awaiting us.

   Cabrera is a national park, a marine reserve. An island to experience. Do not doubt to visit her! The best form to get to the island is the nearby Colonia de Sant Jordi, a small population of tourists that is situated in the south of Mallorca. The excursion will last the whole day: visit of the castle (the landmark of defense, guardian of the harbor), bath on the beach, stroll to the lighthouse in Ansiola… and finally, to relax, the Cueva Azul.

   It is getting night. The stars, the eyes of the universe, are accompanying us. Behind us, Ansiola is lighting and shows us the course. Cabrera waits patiently and hided in the night. There is a lot to tell about the island, I will go on to report about her… What happened to Jim of Silver, the treasure…?

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