Shopping in Santa Catalina (1)

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

Today, I am having a long shopping list! Mar put it with a magnet on the refrigerator. She chose the cow. This means that I have to buy everything. Next to the list appears a reminder: Darling, today, Elena and some friends will come to visit us, we will be eight. Could you please cook the cannelloni, which are always so delicious? And, buy wine, which we can drink all. And check the bar and the refrigerator, for sure, there are missing something. Besides, the tap in the small bath room is rotten. Thanks! I love you!

Well, I reckon, I do not have another chance than doing the shopping. I have to leave my story behind and go on with it later on. I am leaving it when Luisa, the protagonist, is not long before finding the corpse of Pedro in the fountain of the cottage. I will go shopping in the district (km.0): first, the tap in a hardware store, which is situated in the street Dameto, where one can find anything. Then, the present for Elena in Living by b connected and finally the ingredients for the dinner.

Eureka! (I love the comic expressions out of the sixties). I was lucky with the tap. Now, the present. I love Living by b connected, it is a fantastic shop, where you can find thousands of great things to give away. I buy a little book for Elena, which she can take to her next holiday in Austria, where she can write notices. She will love it. Before leaving the store, I am strolling around in the shop next door, Fashion by b connected, to see the summer clothes, which just came into the store. I have to come back with Mar, to show her the new shirts.

Before entering the market, I will buy some tea in the fair trade shop in this quarter. This shop is owned by the Fundation Vicente Ferrer . In the shop, next to the tea, I see some beautiful earring; I think that they could correspond to the style of Mar. On a day like this, I will buy them for her.

On the market, I buy the ingredients for the dinner. The meat in La Boucherie, this is an excellent butcher, where you can find every kind of meat received directly from France. The parmesan cheese of Faustino Izquierdo is my favorite spice. They have a good selection of soft cheese. For the dessert, I buy a ripe Pont-lvque, which is perfectly. The mushrooms and the salads, I buy in Daniel and I choose a Rivera in Sa Roteta. I still need bread, which I will buy Fibonacci (I love the rustically baked baguettes) and a cake in Taller de Tartas Can Pinyol for the sweet-toothed. No, I did not forget the pasta, I already have it. I already bought them last week in Castroni. This is a fantastic grocery market in via Cola di Renzo. My Italian editor invited me to spend some days in Rome.

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