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Ibiza - The city of two faces

If we speak about Ibiza, we must also speak about cosmopolitan pride. The capital of the island of Ibiza, named Dalt Vila, is, today, the guardian of Carthigian, Roman and Islamic traditions which surround it with variety, colour and a wide range of different people from all over the world.

Ibiza has undergone an enormous transformation, above all in the last 50 years. Little is left of the island of the hardworking country folk, reserved and fixed in their ways and customs. Today, Ibiza is characterised by quite the opposite. It is open to the world and to diversity having become the meeting point for cultures and social classes from many different parts of the globe.

In the time that includes both world wars, philosophers, refined elite groups, musicians and intellectuals arrived on the island, headed by Walter Benjamin. Ibiza was also the centre of the hippie world. If anything has characterised the island in the last few years it has been the hippie atmosphere that arrived in the sixties and still exists even today. The hippies called this place The sunshine city.

Today Ibiza has been enriched with modern neighbourhoods, but with that very Mediterranean touch, bathed in white everywhere you look on the island. Ibiza is an island friend of Greece. There are many Phoenician aspects in common between both islands. Ibiza brings to mind the word Ebusus or island of the kiss. Ibiza joins together eclecticism, art decor, colonial exoticism and Mediterranean functionality.

From its previous life till the advent of tourism, the beautiful city walls of the city of Dalt Vila have survived. They have drawn and created a labyrinth of winding streets and neighbourhoods where life is dressed in white and ad lib fashion, everything watched over by Santa Mara de les Neus (Our Lady of the Snow) and the Moorish castle. Below this, as if they were a genuflection, can be found the Vila Mitjana, Vila dAvall, and Vila Nova. The sunsets on the island are bathed in a natural Mediterranean golden sunshine which cannot be seen anywhere else. The light is yellow and contrasts with the snaking streets of Ibiza.

Michael Douglas once said I have been in many parts of the world, but the Balearic Islands are special, they are one of the most magical places I know. I have been captivated. Douglas is not the only one, there are many movie and singing stars who have lived or still live in Ibiza. For example: Sting, Mike Oldfield, Ursula Andrews, Ali McGraw, Peter Sellers, Roman Polanski, Brad Pitt, Linda Evangelista, Tony Curtis, Jon Bon Jovi, etc...

Ibiza has two faces, the tranquillity, the colour of the sea, and the sea salt. During the day it is the island of peace and at night it is the most active of the Balearic islands. Ibiza becomes the capital of fun and music. The parties are endless. It is the Hippie Island of the sixties and the dance capital of the nineties. Nowhere on earth can you find more famous DJs than on Ibiza. The most famous place for its atmosphere must be Caf del Mar, among many others.

As you can see, Ibiza is the face of the sun and the face of the moon, during the day there is calm, sea, white curtains, sea breezes and at night it becomes vida loca!!!(crazy life).

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