Living in Santa Catalina (1)

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

Travelling, eating, living. If one is traveling, one is more attentive. You can travel to Africa or you can travel through your own city, your own district. It is about to see, to admire and to marvel.

The district Santa Catalina is getting awake. Its heart, the market, is bubbling of activities. I love it to sit on a terrace to drink a coffee and to see the day passing by. It is like traveling in a little cosmos. Now, today, I am in the bar Isleo, directly by the market, where one can eat the best bread rolls of the city. I ordered one with Serrano ham and cheese. They are serving them warm. With the first bit, I am filled with joy because of the combination of bread with smelted cheese and ham. I am drinking a fresh pressed orange juice. I am holding the newspaper in my hands. What else should I order?! The district is bubbling in front of my eyes.

My travel not always begins in the Isleo, I am changing: one day croissant and milk coffee in Madeleine de Proust; the next day a delicious tea and a toast with salmon in Perrito or a fantastic cake and a rooibos in Fibonacci. After I finished the newspaper and the great breakfast, I am prepared to live the day. I have to write a report. I postponed it. It is treating of an elder woman, who is explaining her life to her nephew. The title will be The tea with my godmother. The nephew, the narrator, will note the story of his godmother. She had an interesting life: she was a member of the resistance in the Paris occupied by the Nazis. I have the intention that the story will be surprising: The godmother, in the beginning of the story, appears as a little old lady, who is drinking a tea with her nephew in the lovely atmosphere of her villa. But in Paris, the narration experiences a drastic change.

After my literary working day, I will experience the district: First, I want to buy some earrings for Mar. I already saw them the other day: they are simple, but this simplicity makes them beautiful. Everyone forms a ball of threats of different colors and tales. They are made skilful. They are from India and are sold in the same called shop la India which belongs to the Foundation Vicente Ferrer. It is in the street Anibal, next to my house. I like to support the fair trade. Finally, I will drink a beer in Havanna Bar & Caf, a sentimental bar due to its miserly yacht owners of the Real Club Nautico or Moll Vell. Later on, I arranged a dinner with my friends in Duke. Talking, laughing, eating. Juanjo, the owner, will treat us very good. Here, you can eat fusions of the oriental and occidental exquisite kitchen.

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