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Anchor dropping on Ibiza

por Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

   To drop the anchor perfectly, it is fundamental to calculate the throw and to pay attention to the wind. Every year, there are several accidents on the Balearic Islands and we see ships, stranded on the beaches or destroyed in the rocks because they did not drop the anchor correctly. My general recommendations, which I named in the article “anchor dropping on Formentera”, are the same on all Islands.

   Ibiza, in comparison to Formentera, is a big island and owns fantastic places to put the anchor. Those, which I like most are Cala d’Hort and Cala Bassa in the east, Cala sant Vicen in the northwest, Santa Eulalia and Talamanca in the southeast and Cala Jondal in the south.    Cala d’Hort: is a place in the east of the island, in the near of Es Vedrà, and owns a good palette of sand on a depth of 6-8m. As long as the east wind keeps calm, there should not be any problems; if it is getting stronger, one should pay attention because it could change the direction and on could blow away to the south because of the waves. This place is perfect to drop the anchor over night, when coming from Denia: the small harbor entrance of the roadstead is opened to the west and does not have any sandbanks. On the beach of Playa D’Hort, there are 2 restaurants and a small family owned hotel.

   Cala Bassa: a magnificent place, very pleasant to drop the anchor. I recommend you to do this in the beginning of the roadstead, where you can find nine meters of depth and spaces of sand (you should get these with the anchor). Excellent for the south wind, regular for the east and west wind, bad for the north wind. If the northwest wind or the wind of the Tramuntana is blowing, one should sail to the harbor of San Antoni de Pormany and drop the anchor there. The roadstead, even if you can see many ships, is not very good. The ground consists of many seaweeds and the anchor normally blows away.

   I recommend you for the dinner to take a cap and to go to the nearby village San Angustin, where you can find the restaurant Can Berri Vell, which is very comfortable.

   Cala Sant Vicent: is a fabulous zone to put the anchor by west wind and very bad for the rest of the winds. Grounds of sand. You should concentrate on the sandbanks, which are situated between the bay and the island of Tagomago.

   Santa Eularia d’es Riu: the coastal area is perfect to put the anchor and here, you can find any kinds of services. But, if you want to drop the anchor, you should do this in the east of the narrow harbor entrance. The only problem is that there is only little space to drop the anchor when there are many ships. We are talking about a small place.

   Santa Eulària is a city, where one can find all kind of services. It is a perfect possibility to provide the boat.

   Talmanca: today, is the only spot of anchor dropping in the near of the city of Ibiza. It is reachable by buses and caps. Furthermore, there is a motorboat shuttle service, which brings you to the old quay of Ibiza. If you want to stay some more days, to discover the island, we recommend you to rent a car with Ritmocars, who have a grand range of vehicles - from small ones, over 4-wheel drives, over family cars, to the most luxury cars

   A fantastic roadstead for the west wind and acceptable for a regular east wind (some worries can be overcome while having a drink or a snack on the ground. The drinks of Lio or Pacha are worth it).

   Cala Jonda: big roadstead with a regular and constant north wind. Normally, when it is blowing very strong, the Venturi-effect can be noticed. The geography of the area contains the air and everything what is surrounded. The ground consists out of sand and a depth of 6-8m. On the beach, there are several snack bars and restaurants to spend a great time and to taste an exquisite fish.

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