Sóller is celebrating: Es Firó

by Santiago Fabré de Balanzó

   On the second weekend of May, there will be celebrated in the village Sóller, in the north of Mallorca, the most important fest: Sa Fira I Es Firó. This fest is celebrated together with the Saint’s Day of May 1561. It is the holiday of Sant Ponç: on this day, the village Sóller equipped itself with arms because of an inebriation of dignity and proud. This was before the Muslim’s invasion. The invasive group, which came from the Algerian coast, landed in the harbor and forced into the valley, to reach the village. They plundered and took the women and children as hostages. But, the men of Sóller raised their weapons and defended the city with lots of courage and hair-splitted nature under the command of Joan Angelats and the inestimable support of Ses Valentes Dones de can Tamany. They won the battle against the Muslims. Many years later, everybody is remembering this event.

   The fests begin with the procession of the la Verge de la Victoria in the church of Sant Bertomey and the celebrating instalment of Ses Valentes Dones. On Sunday, there will be the fest in the streets of Sóller: there will be shown nature products, handicrafts and livestock of the surrounding. The day will be finished with a Revetlla d’Armes, Cremada de Ron and a sound of xeremies. On the following day, the Monday, there will be a grand battle between the Muslims and the Christians on the beaches of es Repic and can Generós. This is the day of Es Firó. The feluccas with the Muslim’s flags are floating the waters of the harbor and hundreds of armed warriors with swords and catapults, painted in black, attack the Christian army. The fireworks inflame the beach while the bawling can be heard into the mountains. On the first attacks, the Muslims are taking the village due to their majority and their wildness; but, after some moments of uncertainty and when the Muslim’s king thinks that he won, the Christians, which where tradesmen, farmers and muggers, sorted them new, covered by courage, and conquer and banish the Muslims. Now, luckily, we can talk about a fest, a pleasure: both groups are laughing, drinking and forming alliances. They hope, that they will see each other next year and that they will have a better battle.

   This year, the fest takes place between the 7th and 14th of May and ends with the Es Firó. Do not miss it! It is worth visiting it!

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