Between rocks and the sky
An excursion to the Torrent de Pareis

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

The grand ravine is opening out to our feet. In zig zag, we follow the narrow way. Distantly, in the depth, we see a stony and dry cliff. It is the Torrent de Lluc, which, together with the torrent des Grog Blau, builds the Torrent de Pareis in the Entreforc. The Torrent de Pareis is our destination.

We are walking slowly, the gravity helps us. We jump over the rocks. We descend. Our steps are carrying us until reaching the dry riverbed of the ravine. The landscapes, which are circling us, are breathtaking. We jump. The stones, smooth due the friction of the water, are building our way. You have to be careful to not to slip. In some zones, there are shingle beaches, that fine as if it was sand. They milder our steps. We reach the Entreforc. The blue of the sky is divided into shades of grey. We have the impression as if we are standing in a big, natural cathedral. A grand praise to the creator.

When reaching the Entreforc, we see the Torrent des Gorg Blau in the south: one part of it is included into the earth of the Sa Fosca, the well known dark and stony labyrinth, in which the water is flowing non-stop. Today, we will not visit it and we are following our way to the Torrent de Pareis. This one begins strong, majestic, with bombs for giants, circled by water. In some etches, our feet are touching the water and we do not have to stop with our arms and legs. It is as if we ware in a colossal fitness center. We have to reach the destination.

After the first round, the riverbed is moderating, the blue sky leads us. We are walking through dry gorges and wintry swimming pools that are letting us feel the water temperatures of the winter, when the ravine is decorated and is performing his function. Due to the exercise, we are warm. In one of the pools, we found a small drops source which enables us to refresh. Later, the ravine opens and the blue spreads out. Distantly, we see the mouth of the beach. La Calobra is near. We pass a bend with salty water, in which are waiting captured fish for the next rain to escape. Then, we are following our way without any break until our steps are reaching the sea. We reached our destination.

Note of the author: the excursion to the Torrent de Pareis is beautiful, but not easy, especially when it is full of water. It is recommendable to take security precautions.

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