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Travelling to Ibiza, the island of the goddess Tanit (2)

by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

Today, I travel to Ibiza. I will look for the goddess, I will look for Tanit, the goddess of fertility, the goddess of the moon, the wife of Baal. I am in London, I accompanied Mar. She is giving some conferences. Me, from my part, I have been a complete dilettante during these days: Trafalgar Square, Tate, Hockney (a great exhibition), British Mar will stay some more days in London and I will travel to Ibiza to search the goddess. In the list of cheap flights to Ibiza; I found a great one of British Airways. Furhtermore, I will have another look at the hotels on Ibiza, they have a great variety, but we are demanding.

During the flight I am thinking about Hannibal and his army. Hannibal (the favorite of Baal, or better his name) is the favorite of god, he fights with his elephants on the Italian grounds. Rome is under siege. Tanit guards the night of Hannibal and illuminates the way of the victory.

I start a travel in search of a goddess who reigned 2400 years ago, I cannot stop to be romantic, and certainty, daring.

I arrive on the airport very early. I took the first flight to Ibiza to enjoy the day. If I have time, I will take a bath in the bay of Cala Jondal and on the evening, I will go out for dinner with some friends.

Where is the goddess? Did she transform from generation to generation? Where should I start? There is no manual about how to visit a goddess. Who knows anything about the gods nowadays? The churches? In the church, they know about God the omnipotent, but not about the smaller gods apart from the Virgin, the saints and the angels. I tell you the legend that there existed a temple where travelers could connect to the goddess while making love with the priestess it could be a good beginning, making the act of love, to cause the magic and to connect to the goddess.

I decided to go up to the Dalt Vila, the higher part of the city of Ibiza, and to touch the Punic ground to settle in. I would like to see the same space as the old heroes, those, who admired the goddess. From above, today colonized by walls, towers and cemeteries, our ancestors should have been a great view over the whole islands, with the natural harbor to their feet. Well, no I stop dreaming. I am at such a great place! It is worth visiting Ibiza, just to be here!

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