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by Santiago Fabr de Balanz

We love to travel. While travelling, you are more open-minded. We travel to learn, to get to know ourselves. Travelling is existential. It is an adventure, a jump into something new, into something unknown. Travel can be seen as life or as holiday. The experimental travel. The spiritual travel: “Travelling deep insight of me”, said a mystic. During a travel, there is something magical that escapes from the ground. That is why we love travelling. The gods also travelled in the past. It is told that Prometeo, when reaching to destroy his chains, which were connected to the earth, and after giving us the fire of creativity, has returned to the border of the cosmos to look for his promised Galatea. This was a world trip into the future, the foundation of our grandchildren and the grandchildren of our grandchildren. But nowadays, the travel is less complicated and more tangible; we leave the part of mystic and poetry behind us. Travelling is fun, a dream, which we can let become reality.

Mar and me want to travel to Corsica in July. Mar does not know Corsica. I love to repeat the travel. I think that in the repetition of a travel, there are mixing the already lived with the new and the puzzle gets completed. I know Corsica very well: “A mountain in the sea” as a poet said. I remember to see the white bluffs of Bonifacio, the impressive peaks of Monte d’Oro y Monte Cinto and the light beaches of Agriates and I remember on the interior: the gorge of Tavignanu, the lakes of Melu and Capitellu, the formed stones of San Michele de Murato…

To get Corsica, we thought about taking a flight of Iberia to Marseille and to take another cheap flight to Calvi. This is the most interesting city of Corsica. It is situated in the North of the island, in the region of Balagne. Finally, Corsica is a beautiful island, which is worth getting to know! I motivate you to visit it!

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