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The works by Ana are a "particular vision" of a plastic world which are totally personal and original. Anyone who has seen one of her paintings will undoubtedly recognise her works because of their originality, depth and textures. This is what artists aspire to and dream of.

The first thing that must be mentioned is the fact that Ana makes no concessions to the art galleries. Her paintings are neither decorative nor commercial. But Art with a capital "A" has no reason to be either decorative or commercial. It never has been. The difference is subtle, it is just a question of sensitivity.

It is worthy of mention that there are complementary paintings of domestic and social atmospheres, and others, -the most valid, artistically- that begin and end in themselves, totally independent of their surroundings. We could even say, the surroundings just get in the way. We just talk about the usual "this looks nice here". Ana's paintings do not "look good" they "are good". They do not go with any surroundings or they go with all types of surroundings, which would really be the same thing. They take pleasure in themselves, independent from their surroundings. A wall to hang them, with as few nearby objects as possible, is the best solution.

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