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Baleares Punto Com offers your company the solution for profitable advertising over the Internet. Our company is the result of bringing together marketing professionals and programming and design experts, to enable us to offer a specialised service.

Baleares Punto Com is a marketing company, not a computer firm. The big difference between our company and others is that we specialise in marketing applied to the Internet. Not only can we design your advertising for you, but also we can promote your business over the Net and beyond.

If information is not to be lost among so much data now swamping the Internet, it must be properly promoted and presented to its target market. But even so, it's still not guaranteed that your potential customers will find out about you.

The solution to this is via specialised sector-based directories, designed to strengthen each sector's Net presence, so that people surfing for information on any given sector will find it without fail. That's why we run regular Banners insertion campaigns with the world's major search engines (Yahoo, Alta Vista,Telpolis and Magallanes), in order to increase the number of hits registered by Baleares Punto Com

At Baleares Punto Com we have created two specialised directories. First, the Balearic Tourist Guide, which acts as a showcase for the islands' tourism products, and, second, the Balearic Property Guide, which details of homes on the islands for sale or rent.

Our main task is to promote these two directories, including ensuring that all the key search engines feature the URLs of Baleares Punto Com, Balearic Tourist Guide and Balearic Propery Guide. (A search engine is a kind of robot roaming the Net, which, when you ask for specific information, points you in the right direction so that you can get straight to what you're looking for.)

We have devised a world promotion campaign for our directories, including a presence at national and international trade shows and specialist-press ads that will be seen by the customers we're most interested in, which are your customers.

We are currently implementing agreements with the UIB (Universitat de les Illes Balears), IBANAT (Institut Balear de la Natura) and Baleares Magazine, among others.

Thanks to all these efforts, we have achieved positioning as the leaders in the Balearic Islands in marketing applied to the Internet. Take a look at the list of the partner companies and figures and see for yourself.

Our pages are updated every day in order to offer the highest-quality information on a permanent basis. We want to continue making progress in this area, so if you have any suggestions about how we might make the service even better, please don't hesitate to contact us .

Thanks for coming, and happy surfing!

Important note: If you have a Web site that you would like to be made accessible from Baleares Punto Com to enhance its efficiency, just get in touch.

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